Flowery API Documentation

API Base: api.flowery.pw | OpenAPI specification


To use the Flowery API, you are required to provide a useful User-Agent header. If you do not provide one that contains infomation about your application and how to contact you, your requests will be blocked.

GET /v1/tts

Use this endpoint to generate audio. The response is the raw audio in the format you specify with the audio_format parameter.

Parameter Type Required Default Notes
voice string Yes - -
text string Yes - Limit of 2000 characters
translate boolean No false -
silence integer No 0
  • Added at start and end
  • Range is 0 to 10000
audio_format string No mp3 Options are mp3, ogg_opus, ogg_vorbis, aac, wav, and flac
speed number No 1.0 Range is 0.5 - 10

GET /v1/tts/voices

Use this endpoint to get a list of all the available voices. This list will change so it is recommended to continually fetch it to keep your list up to date.

Response Schema:

    "count": integer,
    "voices": [
            "name": string,
            "gender": string, - "Male" or "Female" or "Non-Binary"
            "source": string,
            "language": {
                "name": string,
                "code": string